Good Example of 3dsmax Architechtural Materials

Study of Reflective Materials in 3dsmax, a friendly project for my friend Mr.Vaya who deals in the trading of such counters. My job here was to show the layout of these buffet counters and their placement in the restaurant, here i got a chance to play with the textures/materials/surfaces of the objects in the 3d scene, i really didnt do much for the walls/floor/ceiling. i focused more on the buffet counters which had materials like :

a) Reflective Polished Wood - the body of these counters
b) Granite Galaxy Marbles - Used on the top of these counters
c) Stainless Polished Steel - Used as the top frame and utensils on the counter
d) Ceramic China Material - for the dishes
e) Glass - Used as shelves


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