Motiva COLIMO 1.2! Fast Overview

Motiva COLIMO, a realtime postproduction tool that allows change materials over prerendered images,
taking in account physical accurate reflections, refractions and GI bleeding.


 - Thea render integrated workflow support.
 - Image sequence support.
 - New fle format that allows easier connection to third party software.
 - InteliThread upgraded that makes user experience smoother and allows faster changes over the colors and textures.
 - Better texture fltering.
 - Color picker is now applied to the objects in realtime.
 - Better lights support.
 - Improved viewport control.
 - Supersampling feature.
 - Alpha support on saving.
 - Better memory footprint.
 - Faster project loading.
 - Faster viewport resizing.
 - Samples included.
 - Jpg quality selector on export to web.
 - New versions of Max2Colimo and Modo2Colimo.
 - Minor bugs fxed...

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